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Farmers & Merchants Mutual Telephone Co.
210 West Main Street
PO Box 247
Wayland, IA 52654
Tel: 319-256-2736
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Farmers & Merchants is proud to provide the following services for all your online Internet needs.

High Speed DSL Internet Services - Improvements in technology have allowed us to offer more than one High Speed solution to our Internet Services. With no need for second phone lines or dial up, we offer the following services:
  • DSL starting at $39.95 - With unlimited access to email and the Internet, our DSL packages start out at a basic 1 Mbps transfer up/down. Each additional 1 Mbps is only $10.00 more.
  • Fiber to the Home starting at $39.95.
  • Wireless Internet starting at $44.95 - We are now providing Line of Site wireless Internet to customers in Winfield, Crawfordsville, Mt. Union, Olds, Yarmouth, Mt. Pleasant, Brighton, Richland, and Pekin areas. 
Please feel free to contact our customer service reps at 256-2736 for any questions.


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